Why our factory only manufacture virgin landscape fabic

Why our factory only manufacture virgin landscape fabic:


 1. Product quality requirements: weed mat made of virgin materials usually has higher quality and durability, and can better resist the impact of the external environment, so it meets customers’ product quality requirements.


 2. Environmental protection requirements: The new material of weed barrier may meet environmental protection standards and does not contain substances harmful to the environment, meeting the needs of modern society for environmentally friendly products.


 3. Market demand: The market has a large demand for biological weed control mat made of virgin materials. In order to meet the market demand, our factory chooses to focus on the production of this type of product.


 4. Production cost considerations: Brand-new material weed mats may be more competitive in terms of production cost, so our factory chooses to focus on the production of this type of product to improve production efficiency and reduce costs.

Post time: Mar-28-2024