Plant Rooting Growing Box Cloning Ball For Propagation

A magical box used for high-pressure reproduction, really much simpler

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    Product Description

    Black, White, Green, Transparent, etc.


    About 69mm x 55mm
    Diameter : 5cm
    Applicable branches size: 3-9mm
    Medium About 102mm x 80mm
    Diameter : 8cm
    Applicable branches size: 7-12mm
    Large About 137mm x 120mm
    Diameter : 12cm
    Applicable branches size: 12-37mm

    rooting ball (5)

    Product Description

    Product Plant root growing box
    Material PP
    Size Small, Medium and Large
    Application Flower nursery, trees, potted plants, horticulture, etc for plant propagation air-layering pod
    Feature Reusable, no damage to plants, fast rooting, and high-survival rate, safety lock, etc.
    Shipment Express, by air or by sea

    Rooting ball features


    High survival rate

    Promote root growth

    Strong sealing

    Not afraid of water

    Convenient folding


    Easy to lock and disassemble




    Fast growth results
    This specially designed plant rooting equipment can help your cuttings get stronger roots, so that more mature plants can be propagated faster than conventional propagation methods. It allows you to view the propagation results within 30 days after installation.

    Secure Lock
    Uses the ancient method of air layering which is about growing roots right onto the branches to replicate your existing plants and produce a new one. The automatic buckle is more convenient and disassembly is more flexible.

    No Damage
    Provides no damage to the parent plant at all as it only uses a small branch on the plant you wish to clone, thus creates little to no disturbance and doesn’t disturb the plant’s natural growth. Compared with other plant propagation techniques, the success rate is higher.

    The plant rooting device are sturdy and durable enough to be reused over and over again so you can clone more plants according to your preferences.



    How To Use

    1.Ring peeling branches: select good growing branches and ring peel off the bark with a width of 1-2cm.
    2.Fill the plant high pressure box with soaked water moss or sand
    3.Buckle the filled plant high pressure box at the girdling of the branch
    4.Fix with cable ties (with automatic buckle)
    5.Water from the catchment
    6.Trees usually will grow for 3-6 months, and when the root system is full, it can be cut off and planted again.
    7.Rooting ball can be used in all seasons.

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    rooting ball (14)


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