Woven Ground Cover Weed Control Landscape Fabric

For stopping weeds and stop weeds before they start

Encourages water & air &nutrients circulation

Preventing moisture loss
Long-lasting & Heavy-duty

  • width: 0.5-4m or as your requirements
  • length: 1-1000m (customized )
  • Strength: Heavy Duty
  • Weight: 70g-130g/m2
  • Material: 100% virgin PE (polyethylene) fabric
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    1.Pro-environment & Durable Fabric: sturdy, tear-proof, and corrosion-proof, which can serve you for a long time.The landscape weed barrier fabric adopts professional grade polyethylene material, durable and high-strength. The landscape fabric can prevent the weed from growing and make your daily gardening effortless.
    2.Add granular UV,Increase service life,Effectively inhibits UV rays from penetrating the soil,So caused our products could offer Long serving time, which can give 5-10 years warranty.
    3.Tensile Strength: our weed fabric is high in strength and stretchable, ensuring a large weight capacity. You can lay gravel, stones, and big rocks on it to increase the stability and flatness of the road and prolong its service life.
    4..Prevents grass from going through, effectively inhibit the growth of grass, and also can prevents direct sunlight. Strong and Durable, Inhibition of insect pest.This is the primary reason why many landscapers still opt to use landscape fabric.



    1. Good Permeability: The garden cloth weed barrier allows air and rainwater to transmit quickly and ensures no water puddling on the cover surface. The vegetable or flowers can absorb the water fully without root decaying.
    2. Weed & Soil Erosion Control: Due to its high-density texture, the heavy duty weed barrier can successfully cut off sunlight, and the weeds will wither, lack photosynthesis. At the same time, the weed block fabric is capable of retaining the humidity and accumulating nutrients for the soil. Besides, it can prevent rainwater gathering, reduce rainwater erosion and landslides during the rainy season.
    3. Reducing the use of herbicides, thereby reducing production costs.
    4. Landscape fabrics can act as a protective layer during extreme weather, especially during frost season.

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    1. According to your requirements, it can be cut to meet various needs such as driveway stabilization, gardening, agriculture, and drainage.
    2. Versatile Uses: The weed matting for garden has a wide application in gardening and road engineering projects. It is used for the vegetable patch, flower bed, artificial lawn, gravel and stone pavement, driveway, etc.
    3 .Woven weed barrier fabric is suitable for cultivating all kinds of plant.Eliminate the water in the area in time to prevent the roots of the plants from rot and keep the floor clean.
    4. Perfect for backyard projects-use landscaping fabric for patio walkways and offer some erosion control on slopes subject to washout from heavy rains, also great for vegetable garden pathways.
    6. Our virgin fabric is perfect for construction projects, such as road stabilization, riprap, retaining walls, animal stables, patio landscaping, etc. Keep your projects organized and control your space effortlessly.

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